Wednesday, December 31, 2008

How writing a dissertation can negatively impact your itunes movie watching.

yesterday, while I should have been working on the dissertation (because the boy is with Grandma this week), I decided it would be more fun to download The Queen from itunes and watch it while I folded laundry (writing it out does prompt one to ask, is that really a good use of your time? Oh well). It seems the dissertation gods were watching because the movie would not download - why you ask? Well - my computer was too full - that is right. My computer, which has something like 50 GB of memory (which is A LOT of space), was completely full - too full for Her Majesty to make an appearance so I could fold my bloody laundry. And if you have written a dissertation (or have an obsession with video taping kids, or puppies or something) you will know what was taking up all that space. You guessed it - Videos of my participants teaching and learning with their students (plus a few of the boy learning to walk)- 47 GB in total. HOLY COW!
That is a lot of video.

My solution. Delete the data. What? NO. Are you crazy?! I will be using that data to write articles for the next few years. Lucky for me my husband is a nerd. I moved the data to our home server and removed it from my computer. Don't worry SAM, our network is password protected, so no worries about confidentiality.

In the end, we went out to dinner and I watched Her Royal Highness while I folded laundry late into the night.

And so I begin the new year with a clean house and a clean computer. As for the dissertation.... I keep plugging away. Revising and writing most days and continuing my quest for itunes viewing.