Friday, February 29, 2008

good news

So I met with Dr. [BW] yesterday and it was great. He was much more friendly than I had imagined, I had envisioned more self-importance and less humility. I got to have dinner with him and he offered, I think sincerely, to read a paper that I need to send out for publication. How cool is that.

His advice... be prepared with unique questions for each of my teachers, based on what I have learned from my data when I go for my second interview.

Also, he was very encouraging about next steps. My biggest fear in all of it had been that if I take a low-key job that allows me plenty of time with my family, I won't be able to get a job at more competitive job at some later point. He encouraged me to keep writing and producing scholarship which will help if I do want to try for a different job at a later point.

On the down side, I didn't get as much done during the day as I had hoped and I hardly had anytime with my guys yesterday.

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