Friday, June 27, 2008


I put together a much improved proposal for NAECTE (let's talk about too many letters.). I sent it to the super adviser man (SAM) and he sent it back bathed in red, oh well back to the drawing board. It is better and I sent it back to him this morning. He also sent me a copy of his proposal - for my feedback. I think though it was to help me get an idea about mine, oh well. I will take the help where I can get it.

We met earlier in the week and it was good. I made a time line for finishing this dissertation. I will defend it the first week in December that is right in just 5 months. I have made what I hope is an ambitious but realistic time line.

He also confirmed what I was thinking, he told me chapter 1 is too long and looks like I don't want to cut anything out. I told him my dress metaphor - he nodded politely and told me to get cutting ;)

here it is....

August 4 - Draft of chapter 4 to SAM
September 1 - Draft of chapter 5 to SAM
September 29 - Draft of 1,2 &3 to SAM
November 3 - Dissertation to SAM
November 17 -finished dissertation to committee.

This gives me the month of October to work on revisions. hopefully I will be doing some along the way. Chapter 1 is looking good already and think that with a bit more tweaking it will be finished soon. I sent it (with comments from SAM) to my friend who finished her diss. a year ago. Hopefully I will here back from her soon.

Today I will 'analyze data' that is read over my notes, field notes from one of my teachers.
Mr. Douglas Parker (FYI - Douglas -my dad; Parker - fifth grade teacher).

I have to say, I love Mr. Parker he is loud, boisterous and outspoken. He made me laugh out loud several times while I was in his classroom. His classroom was a mess, but he seemed to know right where everything was.

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