Friday, October 9, 2009


Do you remember staying home from school when you were sick. It always seemed like a good deal when I was a kid. Laying on the couch Mom bringing me whatever I wanted, including special treats and watching all TV I wanted.

Sick isn't so good anymore.

The boy spent last week laying on the couch watching videos, getting all sorts of special treats. He had the flu. By Tuesday night he was feeling better but I had caught whatever he had and have been laying on the couch watching videos since. Today we had an unexpected twist, I got a call from the boy's school - He has pinkeye. The man is home from work and after wrestling the boy to the ground and enduring his screams while trying to put drops into eyes squeezed shut the two are playing video games, while I use an entire box of tissues, wishing I wasn't the mom.

I am sick of sickness.

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