Sunday, August 31, 2008

still writing

Yesterday and today were supposed to be long writing days. Unfortunately, I hurt my back yesterday morning picking up my boy.... oh well. I slept in this morning will the boys went to church and picked-up some groceries. I am back at work, thanks to some Tylenol and hopefully I will be able to get a good bit done tomorrow. Tuesday I move on to the second case study.... tonight I will print out my draft (almost too rough to be called a 'rough draft') and tomorrow I will try to edit and revise.

I talked to my friend Jenny yesterday and she was encouraging, especially about sharing SAM. She also encouraged me to protect my time at all costs. I need to remind myself of this.... every hour I spend talking to some other graduate student is an hour I don't get to write, which in turn is an hour away from my family. I shall add talking to other graduate students to the growing list of things to do after I finish.
  1. nothing
  2. lay on couch and do nothing
  3. lay on couch and read a novel
  4. lay on hammock and read a novel
  5. work in the yard
  6. clean out shed
  7. clean out house
  8. learn to knit
  9. talk to other graduate students about the dissertation process
  10. write an article about the process and get it published ;)

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