Thursday, August 28, 2008

Where have you been?

After finishing my two proposals for AERA I took a bit of a break, perhaps not the wisest choice but.... I visited my in-laws, painted my bedroom and spent a lovely week just hanging with my boy.

But as of Tuesday I am back to work, I met with SAM and he helped me with a writing schedule. I spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday with data analysis and today I wrote. I had been warned to turn off the inner critic and just write and miracle of miracles, I did it.

My biggest challenge right now is getting out the door, my boy likes to hit me in the "mommy guilt" as I head out the door. "Mommy, I miss you. Mommy, don't go. Mommy, you are the best mommy." Which normally I would love hearing but right now it just makes me feel terrible. Does it make me a coward that I am thinking about trying to leave before he wakes up?

Due to some faculty changes at our University my SAM is the new favorite adviser. I am a bit peeved that these other people needed a faculty shake up to realize what I knew already, but I try to be gracious when he tells them to email me for advise..... I usually just tell them all the stuff he has already told me, nod my head and say, 'I know'.

Never mind that I typically lose an hour of my precious-in-short-supply writing time listening to someone elses ramblings.

I am making dinner tonight from my new cookbook, because in spite of the crazy business of this semester we must still eat and wear clean clothes. Does it make me lazy if I don't allow my family to wear any clothes? I am kidding, sort of...

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