Tuesday, January 6, 2009

thinking vs. writing

I have been doing too much thinking lately.... thinking as a means of avoiding writing is insidious.

It works like this.... it is important to think through what you are going to write to ensure that you are clear and concise. It is important also that your writing is connected to what has already been said but brings something new to the discussion. Thus reading is an important part of the writing process - but twice recently I have been distracted from writing by thinking.

1) one element of my dissertation is the unique teaching practices of Margaret Anderson. I am using the lens of "third space" to explore her teaching. BUT the authors of the original piece use a bunch of terms such as "heterglossia, discourse and identity" which I don't want to take the time to explain or explore. I get stuck thinking about the critical nature of the original piece and whether or not it really fits what I saw happening in the classroom and it does but I just spent an hour thinking and now it is time to go home......

2) success and reading.... As an early childhood person - somehow the topic of reading is off limits to me.... reserved for the language and literacy folks, but perhaps not - perhaps the notion of reading (literacy development) is an important success for the students in these classroom aside from the success they are experiencing on the reading TAKS test. I just went to find two books on the literacy elements and haven't written a word.

Now perhaps all of this thinking is necessary and important and ultimately productive BUT I just want to finish this thing.

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