Thursday, January 29, 2009

What am I doing here?

I am figuring out the balance between thinking and writing. Writing helps me think and thinking helps me write. SAM reminds me that both are important. Right now I would rather not do either.....

When I talked to SAM about what to do regarding my literacy questions. He reminded me that I have a committee for a reason and suggested that I send that piece of my diss. to the literacy person on my committee. I spoke with her and she was very helpful. She helped with that piece and gave me some suggestions that improved the quality of the entire piece.

I have revised my deadline and I am now looking at an April 1st defense. I am trying to get a draft of the finished product to SAM by the end of February. He will send it back to me and I will spend Spring Break revising it so I can have it to the committee by March 20th.

I keep fussing with chapter 4 and feel like I have done a sufficient job of looking at the data I have for one of my teachers. I need to finish chapter 4 this week. - I will spend the next few days with the data and send 4 to my reader by Sunday.

I still need to tackle chapter 5 and the Significance.... oh and by the way I am teaching an undergraduate class this semester. What am I doing?

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