Friday, September 5, 2008

emails about graduation

From me to SAM:

In order for me to graduate in December, I have to have the approved version of my dissertation uploaded and then submit 'required forms and paperwork' to the graduate school no later than December 5, 2008. The web site recommends a month for your committee to read your dissertation, but perhaps this depends on your committee?

From SAM to me:

Two weeks is fine.

So that means you need to defend by the 1st at the lastest so that you can make changes, if necessary, which means having to the committee no later than the 15th of November. That's 2 months and 10 days from now. Do you think you can do it by then?

You read that right - 71 days. to. get. this. thing. DONE. We are not talking just writing- we are talking table of contents, references, all the typos, all of it. But what the heck that might really give me something to be thankful for, no?

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