Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No Coasting

I thought when I 'finished' the first case study there would be some coasting. I WAS WRONG. There will be no coasting to the finish line. It is going to be hard work every step of the way.
But I am making progress:

chapter one - solid version to SAM.
chapter two - jello version to SAM by Friday.
chapter three - proposal state -work on revisions next week.
chapter four - three cases.
  1. case one -working on revisions from a grad school friend.
  2. case two - struggling to finish.
  3. case three - next week
chapter five - some notes

I am working on revisions of case one and case two today. Tonight I will try to do a bit of reading for chapter two.

I meet with a potential fifth committee member on Thursday. I need this to work out.

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