Saturday, September 20, 2008

working or not....

I worked in my new office yesterday. I have a room in the library where I can leave my stuff and not have to clean up.... yesterday was my first day to use it. I got so into my work that I was late to pick up the boy at school.

I am not working today, instead I am trying to make up some lost sleep. I went back to bed and napped, oh the heavenly delightful nap. The boys are doing some small projects around the house, which would have made for great working time but ... did I mention the beauty of a good nap.

In other good news. I have two folks who actually volunteered to read and edit some of my work. I am in a book club with some lovely ladies, two of these ladies happen to be professors at my university. So I am sending two of the case studies out - the nice thing is that while these two women are super intelligent and experienced they aren't on my committee.

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