Thursday, July 10, 2008

classroom management

I am organizing my thoughts and notes about my teachers... the significance.

"After analyzing the practices of each of these teachers in turn, I know turn to the connections and differences between the three cases. There were some connections that were immediate. None of these teachers had a behavior chart displayed in their classrooms and all of the teachers had a relaxed attitude about the neatness of their classrooms. Perhaps the most striking similarity was that each of the teachers relied on his/her own personal experience and personality as a connection point with students. "

I started with this paragraph.... I am not sure how to make sense of the most striking finding- the impact personality had on how these teachers were able to be successful with their students. Okay, let me back up....

I am writing this dissertation not just so I can get the heck out of here and get on with my life (Although, that is a big part of it.) but also so that others can learn from my work (and by others I mean specifically teacher educators).

So if each of these teachers relies on personality and none use a standard "behavior management plan" (think cards, points, name on board). Then how do we teach apprentice teachers to manage student behavior? How aware are young teachers of their own identity? (I use the word identity carefully because in academic circles it has a VERY specific meaning.)

I think of my own 22-year-old-first-year-teacher-self and all I wanted was for someone to tell me what to do. Give me a plan. TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!! How do we tell them to begin to call on the strength of their own personality?

No answers today, just questions....

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