Friday, July 11, 2008


so the hot new buzz word in teacher education is "disposition" -- NCATE (the folks who say how teachers should be prepared for the classroom) in 2000 added "professional disposition" as an "explicit obligation" for teacher preparation. The idea to include moral and ethical development as part of teacher education....

Not sure what to do with this yet. I don't think this is exactly what I found in my research but I do think it gives me a place to start looking.

I just printed about 5 articles to read. I have also started thinking about what this means for teacher educators. I think this might be the most suitable niche for my work. To that end....

I have set the actual dissertation on the back burner for now. I have to get a proposal ready for AERA by the first of August. I am hoping to get two sent out - one on my own and one with my friend Heather. She reminded me that we are less than 3 weeks out from the deadline.

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