Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Love exciting and new....

I need to figure out how to make evenings more productive, I have a hard time working in the evening. Last night I found The Love Boat on CBS's website. Oh yeah, I watched an episode where Dick Van Patton, with a wicked comb-over, fell in love with Vicky Lawrence. Classic. I know you are asking, what, no Fantasy Island? I am sure my brother would be proud.

I am going to take my data, and a few articles to read and meet my friend at Starbuck's to work. I will focus on Doug this week. When I get home I will work on the interview and try to finish that today. If not, I have a sitter coming tomorrow for a few hours and I will finish it then (and I do have my evenings).

FYI- I usually prefer the local coffee joint - the Thunderbird*, but the Starbuck's* has one benefit that sometimes encourages more work - even if their coffee stinks, they DO NOT have free internet, which is good because Monday I bought this (No doubt it will help with my work in the long term.)

* notice that I strategically did not link to Starbuck's but did link to the Thunderbird - see there I did it again.

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